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Safety is Sexy!

Every day, millions of people use their smartphones to track everything: meals, exercise, sleep, stress -
Why not sexual health?

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Easily keep track of partners, activities, protection, birth control, test results, and symptoms. Learn how to raise your Safety Score with prevention and safer sex practices!



Schedule reminders to get tested, take your medications, and watch for symptoms. Check in with your body often and it will thank you. 



Nymph AI considers your unique situation and behaviors, along with evidence-based scientific literature, to calculate your risk and deliver safer sex suggestions that are tailor made, just for you!



Got a positive test result? Nymph is here for you. We'll help you with next steps, including contact tracing, managing treatment, and we'll even help with the tough conversations.

No one wants to worry about getting sick when they're trying to get it on. 

Nymph makes it quick and easy to take care of yourself and others, so you can get back to the good stuff.

Happy. Healthy. Horny.

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Meet the Founder


Liz Bradley entered the dating scene for the first time at 28-years-old. As she learned how to navigate dating apps, she was shocked to find there was no app to help track sexual activity or remind her to get tested. The idea for Nymph was born, and bringing it to fruition has become her life's purpose. 
In 2021, Liz relocated to Portland, OR and founded SureThings LLC with the mission to bring the world's first personal sexual health management app to market. 

Winner of the
Social Innovation Award at

Women of SexTech


Cohort 5 & 8

2-Day Launch Camp, Fall 2019

 Proud Member

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